One Night on the Caribbean Queen

All Together and Julius Attacked

Where our Investigators are all together and some shadowy men attack Julius in his home

Sunday September 25th, 1921, 5:30pm
The group is over at Graham Morgan’s residence. Martha, completely soused, is brought back from the far shore of inebriation with food and coffee. A knock upon the door has her on her feet suddenly but it is merely Caden, the small man that follows Danielle (the leader of the Ordo) like a little puppy. He is immensely panicked that a police officer is here and things that Martha has been speaking to the police. She assures him that she is not. He insists that Danielle must meet her tomorrow for breakfast at 9am. The other characters find a French brand of cigarette (it has a fleur-de-lis on it) and, communicating this to Martha, believe it was a cigarette smoked by Vernon Gabrieux. Caden ducks out the door but not before Weigand overhears something about “what happened last weekend”. Martha attempts an explanation but it leaves Weigand suspecting that she is not telling him the truth.

After stopping off for a heavy breakfast to help clear Martha’s head, they find Vernon checked out of his Hotel room but in the Lounge having a bite to eat, presumably before he heads out of town. He nonchalantly deflects the questions of the inspectors but he does admit that he and Graham go way back and that he did stop in to see Graham last Friday (the day that Graham disappeared) but there is no obvious evidence linking him to the kidnapping.

The next stop is at the police department where Julius sees Richard Monteith, the reporter who came to introduce himself. He appears to be writing something furiously in a notebook but seems curiously unresponsive.

Getting late the investigators decide to drop Julius off at his apartment. Weigand, before he drives off, sees three men enter the building with purpose after Julius enters. Julius sees them in the lobby as the elevator door closes. Upon reaching his floor he ducks up a hallway to wait for them, drawing his 1911 pistol, and hoping that he remained unseen. Alas, the last man in line spots him and they advance on him, drawing their weapons. He fires once and hit one of the men in his belly. The men return fire and Julius is shot severely through his right shoulder and crumples to the ground. Weigand hears the gunshots above and with an armed Rose Johnson by his side, sets about to lay the hitmen low which he does with a roar from his shotgun turning the men into so much hamburger. The man who was shot by Julius, Toyle Branson, is still alive. He is “interrogated” by Weigand but the man doesn’t seem to crack. A cursory examination of the man’s background reveals that he is a “consultant” for the Hollingsworth Foundation. Julius is tended by Rose and looks into his apartment that has been tossed but the true horror is that Charles, mighty majestic Charles is missing. Toyle said he kicked the cat when they came into the apartment and the cat ran out the door.

Heading back to the station to finish up some paperwork, Weigand finds that Monteith is translating the symbols on the columns and finds that they translate as the following:
1) Traveller Bound
2) Cage Without Door
3) Nexus Closed
4) Sextet Constrained
5) The Way Obscured
6) Power Subjugated (scratched out and replaced by hand below)

He also hands him the medical records that were taken from Dr. Eugene Weiss’s office. There are only 3 signs that translate as the following:
1) Calculator (by far the most common)
2) Translator
3) Transmitter

Weigand also gets the name off the license plate of the car that followed him from the Coffin party on Saturday. It was registered to a man who worked for the Hollingsworth Foundation as a “consultant”. He goes to this man’s house and shows him a list of the men he left dead at Julius’s apartment. The man sneers at Weigand and says they should have been more careful. Weigand says that if anyone goes after his family he will come after them. He leaves a shotgun shell balanced on the man’s doorknob before he goes.


P.S. Both a direct (bodies) and an indirect (shotgun shell on driving thug’s doorknob) message were sent to Hollingsworth to leave Julius alone — or at least to try a less direct tactic.

All Together and Julius Attacked

Excellent, Robert! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten it up myself. Things have been rather crazy the last few weeks!

All Together and Julius Attacked

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