One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Into the Darkness

Where the Professor reappears and our party is drawn to the Channing Beach House where much will be revealed...

Saturday, September 17th, 1921
Professor Summerfield decides that it would be a good idea to put down the studies he has been engaging in and make a public appearance at a social event (he does not, however, leave the damnable book at home!). Making his way to the Coffin Affair he catches Dr. Eugene Weiss in the thick of a crowd of people. Deflected initially, he persists in attempting to speak with the Doctor in an effort to figure out what happened to the Lassiter Expedition. Weary of the pursuit the Doctor mutters a phrase, “Tumarik rashv’al”. Mentally stunned, Professor Summerfield recalls a series of events that give a clue as to what happened on that fateful expedition. He sees a great door opening into what appears to be a Library but not one made by any human hands. He remembers opening one of the tomes in the library and it is filled with several strange runes and symbols that bear a striking resemblance to the markings on the columns on the Caribbean Queen. He recalls seeing a great flash of light and…something…in the center of it that sends out a wave of blue energy and hearing the screams of his colleagues dying horribly. He remembers, at the last, seeing a purple flame with a calm, soothing voice that tells him to forget all that he saw. He awakens to the ministrations of the good nurse, Rose Johnson. She tells him that he was babbling about a purple flame and mentions that there was a child at the Hollingsworth Foundation for Underprivileged Children that was speaking of the same thing. Quickly asking her where the child was now, Rose responded the name of the hospital the child had been taken to. The Professor jets off after the child and quickly locates the lad, a boy by the name of Ronald Parsley. He reaches the hospital but sees two men of low breeding that follow him up the stairs in the hospital. He hides in the boy’s room and the two men complain about shuffling kids around late at night. They take the unconscious form of Ronald Parsley to the Wiedman Estate. Poking around to get a layout of the place, Professor Summerfield is discovered but manages to talk his way out of the guard raising the alarm having sufficiently spooked the guard about poisonous vines creeping up the wall of the house. The Professor returns home and finds his place being watched. He quickly heads for a motel.

Sunday, September 18th, 1921
The next morning he heads to his office at the University and finds a man there also who is intent on “bringing him in” and identifies him as a police officer. The two men load him into the car and begin driving. Summerfield blacks out momentarily and comes back to a grisly scene of both the men having exploded everywhere. Covered in the remnants of what had been two thugs only a moment before, the Professor sheds his outer jacket and heads home to his apartment. He slips in the back and showers, taking what he needs from his residence before seeking asylum in a hotel. He checks in and begins reading in the Cultes des Goules.

Tuesday, September 20th, 1921
Summerfield seems to have a waking somnambular episode and realizes that he has been at deciphering the dastardly book for over 48 hours and it is now Tuesday. Monday is lost to obsession.

Early in the morning Martha is awakened by the rushed return of Graham Morgan. He tells her that all will be explained to her but they have to leave. He is intent on getting her book that he took from her back. Under cover of darkness they leave Graham’s residence. Graham takes his revolver too.

Inspector Weigand received a call from the serving staff over at Graham Morgan’s house and reports that he came home quickly and took Ms. Martha Hopwood off. He heard something said about a Beach House. Weigand can hazard a guess as to where that is. Gathering up everyone, including the Professor (welcome back!), they drive out to the Channing Beach House located in Michigan.

Martha arrives at the beach house and is confronted by Vernon Gabrieux. Graham has once again (and for the last time) sold her out. Danielle is there too, a glazed look in her eye as she hangs on Vernon’s every word. Vernon offers her one last time to kill Graham to which she assents. Vernon lets fly a few things while they chat. He mentions Robert Wiedman and likely having to “fix” him soon (I apologize, I do not remember exactly what he was referencing!). He also mentioned that he stopped off to see an old friend, Robert Freeman, at Glittering Lakes Home for the Infirm. He is referring to, of course, the Burnt Man. Martha travels down into the cellar past a stained glass picture of a church with blood red windows (recalled long ago by Grace in a vision she had) and finds Graham laid out on a table and strapped down. After a few tentative strokes she inserts the blade into his neck and he bleeds out. Vernon, delighted turns away and approaches her. There is a flash of blue light and Martha comes to with her face pressed against the cold metal of a door. She has no memory of how she got there.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party pulls up to the beach house and finds it rather quiet…



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