One Night on the Caribbean Queen

A Midnight Darkly

Where Grace meets Vera Channing and O'Bannon and the Walters' Apartment is visited.

August 31st, 1921 (Wed)
After seeing the dockworkers involved in handing off crates to Mr. Ricky Vanderhorn (who works for a fellow named ), Grace meets Perkins at the Pickled Parrot, a speakeasy where she finds that it was a French book that came from Africa that Vanderhorn was after.

September 1st, 1921 (Thurs)
Stefan at the Dandy Lion tries to set Grace up with a meeting with Terrence Monaghan, head of the Monaghan family. He is unable to do that, but does get her an interview with Wylie O’Bannon. Julius calls his mother to check in and she tells him there is a gala that the family is putting on in a few weeks. Julius and Grace check in with Professor Danvers who is out but has left a letter that gives information about the signet ring that O’Bannon is wearing called the Ignotus Mantellum, a cult from medieval Venice. Grace has an interview with O’Bannon and she recognizes Vera Channing from the Caribbean Queen‘s deck on that fateful night that the strange event happened. O’Bannon tells Grace that he is opening a club and asks her to strip. Grace refuses and is immediately shown out the door. Insisting that Julius gets an abdominal x-ray, a quick visit to Dr. Seeber reveals a normal abdomen. On to Lynch’s Antiquities, the elder chain smoking man informs Julius that the bird looks Egyptian but is a forgery, made maybe 10-20 years ago. On to Vincent Prieto’s Bookstore, where the cackling old man picks up on Julius’ lie about doing thesis on the Codex of Assad Agassi. He mentions its connection to the Ignotus Mantellum, as it has been adopted as their bible. As his final task of the day, Julius writes away to the Chatterton newspaper for copies of all newspapers from the last week, looking for any word on Tom Wilson’s death and the shooting of the Police Officer.

September 2nd, 1921 (Fri)

Bringing the supposedly worthless Black Bird home with him from the bank, Julius goes to sleep. He dreams of a disagreement between two people, Cecelia Walters and Albert Walters. Albert is confronting Cecilia about what she is into, and how all this could have resulted in a man coming into their home and shooting up the place. He then shifts to another area with a pressed copper vaulted ceiling, he is laying in bed and drawing complex mathematical symbols in the air. Julius calls Grace in the morning and tells her of his strange dreams, whereupon they begin looking into the Walters, visiting their apartment. They find two Italian workers patching the plaster on the walls from bullet holes in the Walter’s vacated apartment. Grace and Julius interview the neighbors on either side and the consensus is that Cecelia was a cold, distant lady and Albert was quiet but very friendly when approached. The neighbors were a little old lady named Elsie Canela, and a middle-aged mouse of a man named Lester Woodman. Neither of them saw the face of the attacker, although Lester mentioned that the man had a white scarf and something tucked under his arm. This shooting happened on July 28th. Investigating the possessions of the Walters (being held by the tight fisted landlord Daniel Bailey), they find a photograph with Ceceilia in it as a child. Julius and Grace investigate Albert’s workplace and talk to a “friend” of Albert’s, Kyle Wallace. He mentions that Albert was a good worker but towards the end began babbling and not getting much work done until he just didn’t show up at all and was fired in the first week of August. He spent time with a woman down in the filing room, Theresa Tams. She informs him that Albert brought her flowers a few days after he was fired. When she reminded him that he was married, he told her he was a widower, then corrected himself and said it hadn’t happened yet.

September 3rd, 1921 (Sat)
A quick check on Cecelia Walters’ parents indicates they are both dead. Wilma Taggart, Cecelia’s mother has a death certificate indicating that she committed suicide by hanging. Her father, Chester Taggart, was killed in an automobile accident. The witness signature on the death certificate showed the name, Walker Hollingsworth.



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