One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Recap #3, 6/1/2012

Mission recap for 6/1/12

September 4th, 1921 (Sun)
With the Hall of Records closed, Julius calls home, speaks momentarily with Remington, the family butler, who hands him off to his dad, John Taylor Coffin, for information about Walker Hollingsworth. He finds out that Mr. Hollingsworth made his fortune in the railroad business, going solo and developing his own steam engine.

September 5th, 1921 (Mon)
With a brief check in with Edward Danvers on the sigil found in the Waybright safe, Danvers hands them off to Professor Vernon Peterson, an expert in Asian languages also at Chicago University. Stumped, Peterson intends to look into the question. Julius ditches the last half of his day at school and has a look at the wreck of the Caribbean Queen. He finds, to his utter disgust, that pieces of the bodies seem to have fused with the floor (a cracking finger bone gives him the shivers). Attempts to penetrate the deck below where the bodies were found are fruitless as the water is cold, dark and unyielding. He drives to the Hall of Records where Julius and Grace check up on Ricky Vanderhorn, a troubled young man who finally decides to fly straight after around 1911. Calling it a day, Julius gets the articles from the Chatterton Observer and finds two articles of note. The first talks about the cabin fire and the police’s efforts to locate the “killers”. The next article talks about a reporter initially dispatched to cover the story disappearing. He goes to bed late.

September 6th, 1921 (Tues)
Grace writes a letter to her brother, John, telling him that she missed his last letter. Delivering the letter, Grace is picked up and taken to the police station along with Julius who phones his father who gets in touch with his family lawyer, John Linderman. Once at the police station, Grace and Julius are promptly let go with a veiled threat to leave the Monaghan family alone (there is some concocted story about Grace and Julius being belligerent). Inspector Jeffery Weigand, the inspector in charge of the Caribbean Queen case asks Julius if he was down on the docks yesterday, implying he knows more than he lets on. Some research at the Hall of Records shows a death certificate for Helen Hollingsworth in 1904. Her death certificate lists a very lengthy medical cause of death: “Brain prolapsed secondary to a bilateral ocular tumor invading the forebrain resulting in respiratory failure”.

September 7th, 1921 (Wed.)
Grace and Julius head to the Kingdom Cove Gentleman’s Club where they hope to find Walker Hollingsworth. They are met by an immaculately dressed Middle Eastern man named Shamil Nahas. He offers to show them both around, though because the Kingdom does not take women as members, there were some places that were off limits. Shamil Nahas takes Julius to the Tenet room and talks to him about the 6 Tenets:
1) Drive – A statue of a man throwing a javelin. A plaque reads, “To seek, to find, to overcome.”
2) Competition – A statue of two men wrestling, “To find the strength to pit oneself against another.”
3) Brotherhood – A statue of a man standing next to a sword driven into the ground, his right arm extended, a laurel dangles from his left hand, “Vision to seek company in its highest form.”
4) Ethics – A statue of a man holding a scale, on one side there is a dove, on the other is a stack of gold coins, “To weigh the truth in all matters.”
5) Grace – A statue of a man standing over another, his hand under the kneeling man’s chin. “To have Grace in victory and in defeat.”
6) Piety – A statue of a man praying, his eyes turned down, “To embrace the truth of God and all his wonder.”
While waiting in the hallway, Grace manages to meet Ricky Vanderhorn, the man with the white scarf who apparently intimidated Alan Waybright and also was seen leaving the scene of the shooting at the Walters’ apartment. He tells Grace that Walker Hollingsworth saved his life and now he works as a financial consultant for Hollingsworth. After some chit chat, he brings her out to the patio and introduces her to several well-dressed men sitting with Hollingsworth: 1) Robert Wiedman(there was a Neva Wiedman who died in the explosion), 2) Dr. Eugene Weiss, a prominent alienist, 3) Tony McGinnis, an importer. As Grace and Julius rise to leave, they are overtaken by darkness…

They are in the back of a truck with several other people, Deirdre, Ian Unger (a banker who is rather loud), another unconscious man and an unconscious woman, both whose names are unknown. The doors of the truck open and a man tells them all to run and is quickly killed by gunfire. The people break for the car and hop in, Deirdre being cut down on the run over. Driving maybe a half mile as a bullet has damaged the engine Mr. Unger, Grace, and Julius all start out on foot. Eventually they arrive at a town called Tremont, Indiana. They find (with the help of a farmer’s almanac faithfully retrieved by Art) they have traveled back in time to 1860. Ollie, the bartender, fills them in on some news. The town is in the midst of a mayoral campaign (the two candidates are Roger Meade and Kurtis Freeman) and has been plagued by tough times and unexplained disappearances at night. Kurtis Freeman walks in and fastens suddenly upon the PC’s. He is travelling with his assistant, Jefferson Walby (another name on the list of people who died in the Caribbean Queen explosion), who recently had a son. Mayoral candidate Kurtis Freeman has a veiled conversation with Grace and Julius and implies that he knows they are from another time. He tells them they should stop by his house and talk privately. One by one everyone retires to their beds and sleeps. Julius begins to question whether or not he is alive but manages to stave off the creeping insanity of such thoughts.



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