One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Recap #4, 6/29/2012

Back to 1860

Monday June 4th, 1860
Waking up the day after arriving in Tremont (the year being 1860), Grace and Julius walk downstairs and talk with Ollie. He talks about the mayoral race and that it has everyone pretty fired up. Tremont is in hard times and people want things to change. Ollie talks about the first Mayor of Tremont, Robert Freeman (Kurtis’ father), and how after things started going well for the town that he basically dropped out of sight until, in 1865, he tried to blow up the coal mine.

Walking outside on their way to the Freeman house they meet a woman named Ruby Ferguson. She tells Grace and Julius that they shouldn’t trust Kurtis Freeman, and that she has other information for them but can’t give it to them here. She recommends that they come to her house on the following morning.

Arriving at the Freeman house, there is a strange old man sweeping off the path up from the road. Knocking on the door, a butler with a severe respiratory problem answers the door, wheezing between words heavily. He shows them to the study and they sit. Examining the books on the shelves, Julius finds a book entitled Culte de Goules and flips through the blasphemous tome that describes horrific rites involving the cadavers of the dead in manners unfit for polite society. Searching the papers upon the desk, they find a report on the work force at the mine over the last few years. In addition, a letter written from Robert Freeman to Kurtis Freeman is found. While initially starting out relatively lucidly, it devolves quickly into insane rambling. It mentions a man by the name of Lareau and an intense desire to shut the mine down.

Natalie Vasilyeva enters the room and tells the PC’s that they are out of luck and that Kurtis Freeman is out doing a mine inspection but will be attending a campaign rally later that afternoon. She relays the message from Kurtis Freeman that if they bring him the black bird he will tell them what it does. They explore the bathroom attached to the study and find a female brush with multiple colors of hair in it. They find a storage room with rotted, old clothing. They head out shortly after, a feeling of relief coming over them when they exit the Freeman house. Grace makes herself useful to Ollie and helps to clean up in an effort to defray the cost of room and board. At the rally, both candidates speak. Freeman seems to have a better handle on campaigning. He greets them and tells them he will meet with them the following day in the afternoon.

Julius makes a side trip to the mine where he is greeted by a darkness daunting and terrifying. A small child’s cry is heard distantly and Julius retreats rapidly.

Grace and Julius sleep soundly, though Julius dreams of the mine again with a woman’s voice this time repeating over and over again, “It will be okay, everything is going to be okay…”

Tuesday, June 5th, 1860
They arise early and head over to Ruby Ferguson’s house. Knocking, they don’t get an answer so the enter the house. A bucket containing a foul substance and a ring with the inscription, “To my Darling Ruby, Love Hank”. Upstairs, they find no body but the mattress is stained with a large quantity of the foul-smelling brown liquid. Grace and Julius suspect that Ruby has met an unfortunate end. But as they walk back to the Inn, Grace catches a momentary sight of a woman who appears to be Ruby with her yellow flowered hat. Trying unsuccessfully to cut them off before they get back to the Freeman mansion (assuming they were heading there), they wait for their appointment. When the time comes, they come back to the Freeman house and the wheezing butler shows them again to the study. Sitting down a man suddenly stands in the doorway of the study…



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