One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Recap #6, 10/12/2012

Saturday, September 10th, 1921
Early in the morning Grace, Julius and Summerfield get on a train bound for Arkham. Julius spots a man who appears to be taking a great interest in them. They wait to see if he gets on the train. Grace sees him on the train but does not approach him. Though they plan to confront him the next time they see him he vanishes for the rest of the trip. Once in Arkham, the three get rooms in the Trendecker Inn. After lounging in a warm tub, Grace comes out to find that someone has been through her things. Summerfield finds a similar ransacking of his room. Nothing is seen to be taken. Julius stays awake late into the evening to keep an eye on everything going on. He hears, just after midnight, of large clumping feet. He looks out into the hallway and finds an extremely large man. Briefly talking to him, the man turns to him and says in a deep, booming voice, “The suns die and we must flee!” Following the man for awhile, Julius finds that he just wanders the streets of Arkham beneath the hissing of the gaslights.

Sunday, September 11th, 1921
The three investigators awaken in the morning and decide to report the odd man who was wandering the halls of the Trendecker Inn and also the very streets of Arkham. Reporting the man to Inspector Gainsborough he tells them that the man was Victor Maitlin, a man who lost his wife a little while ago and has not been a normal man since. The police officer assures them that Victor is not violent and is not a threat. Heading on to the Miskatonic University Library, Summerfield makes fast friends with Elton Bernard, assistant to Dr. Henry Armitage. Heading up to the third floor where the Special Collections are kept, Summerfield begins sifting through the erratic text. Julius and Grace take a short walk and return to find a bomb of some kind having detonated on the ground floor of the library. People are running from the front doors. Upstairs, Mr. Barnard has a young student usher Summerfield out of the library. Once out in front, Julius notices the man from the train with the leather satchels containing Peaslee’s manuscripts. After a brief chase the man pulls a gun and begins shooting. He misses his first shot but is squarely hit by Summerfield, and Grace’s next shot drops him completely. Rushing over to him he exhales the words, “Porta et Clava” (I am the Gate and the Key). Peaslee’s manuscript begins fluttering in the breeze and Summerfield orders the students milling about to begin gathering the papers. Summerfield, also helping to gather up the irreplaceable pages, finds one that draws his attention to it. It describes another world with creatures Great and terrifying. They call themselves the Yith. The page stuns Summerfield and he falls unconscious as the words bore into his brain. Julius searches the man and sees a chain tattoo that disappears in a flash of burned flesh. Grace (reeling from the knowledge that she has just killed a man), Summerfield (awake but seemingly comatose), and Julius all are taken to theInfirmary where they are treated by Dr. Cross and his medicinal scotch. Recovering their wits slightly, Julius and Grace return to the Inn where they take succor in each other’s company. Summerfield heads over to the Archaeology department and begins digging for any remaining information concerning the Lassiter Expedition. He finds an empty file sleeve that directs all inquiries to Dr. E.G. Weiss, Consultant for Chicago University, Department of Psychology. Everyone fades to uneasy sleep.

Monday, September 12th, 1921
The investigators get out of Arkham the first chance they can get. Julius pulls away from Grace. They arrive back to the bustle of Chicago late this night. A note from Vincent Prieto awaits Summerfield at his residence saying that he has something in for him.

Tuesday, September 13th, 1921
Summerfield and Julius go to visit Prieto while Grace goes in to work some. Grace finds the Dandy Lion eerily empty and searches through the entire building. Going back up front a thick gray fog pours through the door like gel. Reaching out to close the door a cold, dead hand shoots out of the fog and grabs her wrist. Grace awakens in her bed, obviously shaken. Summerfield and Julius go to Prieto’s bookstore and finds the place similarly empty. Spotting a rare book on the counter Summerfield opens it to find that all the pages are blank. A spot of blood spreads out into a pool of blood that pours over the edges of the book and counter. The blood boils up out of the book and a skeletal body with dripping strips of putrescent flesh clinging to it. It screams horribly and Julius and Summerfield wake up in their beds. Everyone, shaken again, head over to see Prieto again (it is later in the morning). They find the bookstore empty but find a horribly burned body behind the counter. Strangely, nothing else around the body is burned, not even the clothes. The body is obviously Mr. Prieto. A copy of the Cultes de Goules translated into English that Prieto found for Professor Summerfield. Additionally, a handwritten note of Prieto’s comments thst he may have found a copy of the Codex of Assad Agassi being sold by a German nobleman Klaus von Hangristan. Reeling from so much death, the players decide to summon Inspector Wiegand.



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