One Night on the Caribbean Queen

The Fall of Grace

Where a mad librarian is consulted and Grace is pitched over the precipice into madness.

Visitor Recap for 10/25/12

Tuesday, September 13th, 1921

Still early in the morning, the players are huddled around the body of who they assume to be Vincent Prieto, owner of Prieto’s Rare Books and Finds. They call Inspector Weigand who looks the scene over and calls in his pathologist friend, Dr. Jasinski, to examine the scene. When he arrives, Dr. Jasinski brings him a letter (that had been opened) that was on his desk. It was from an unknown person who wanted to meet at Kathy Gess’s apartment. Gess was one of the people that perished in the explosion on the Caribbean Queen and was an avowed, violent communist. After wrapping up at Prieto’s, Weigand releases Grace and Julius who head over to the Dandy Lion to make sure everyone there is doing okay. After being reassured that everything is normal, Julius heads to school. Grace heads home and climbs into bed, pulling the sheets over her head. During a break in his classes, Julius heads down to the Hall of Public Records and looks into Clay Rampton. He finds a few facts about him, including an address, 3991 Union Ave, just one block south of the Stockyards. He was born in 1874 and his mother, Amber, was killed by a serial killer by the name of Janek Kucharski, a serial killer in 1886 when Clay was 12. He enrolled in St. Vincent’s Seminary in 1896 but left in 1898. He was arrested and served 2 weeks in jail for creating a public disturbance in 1911. He was arrested for assault in 1917 and was institutionalized at the Arkham Sanitorium for approximately one year. Weigand and Julius link up and head over to Clay Rampton’s apartment. It is difficult to find the right apartment but after a small bribe, they arrive at the door. Heading in to Rampton’s disheveled apartment they find bookshelves filled with handwritten journals. A toothless vagrant, later found to be “Toothless Tom” (he loses one of his few remaining teeth in the scuffle between Weigand and Julius) jumps out of a pile of furniture in the corner of the room and is beaten into submission. Tom is, apparently, the archiver for Rampton who had been traveling all over the world in search of “The Truth”. Though obviously insane and a drunk, Tom has some grasp on where things are located in the immense handwritten library of Clay Rampton. He recovers a page about The Adherents which he plucks from a notebook.

The page describes in rambling, almost incoherent prose, about the men he suspects of leading the Adherents. In his note he mentions several things: he things Walker Hollingsworth, Tony McGinnis or Dr. Eugene Weiss is the leader of the Adherents; he mentions something called the Academy; there are a lot of nursing staff to care for Lionel at the Wiedman place; the Hollingsworth Foundation helps train nurses too; he saw “stars” in the eyes of Kucharski, the man who killed his mother; something called an Adenour Imprinter that hears screams around the Wiedman place; that McGinnis and Weiss were orphans raised by the Foundation; admission documents were changed for Hollingsworth at New York University and for Wiedman (likely he refers to Lionel) at the University of Chicago in 1868.

Julius asked for information on O’Bannon from Toothless Tom. Tom said it would take him some time and that he needed more brew. There are two notes of interest seen on the desk amidst a large number of train and boat tickets. The first was a quick scrawl saying, “Cecelia Walters, room 708, Blackstone Hotel.” The other note, slightly more cryptic, is a note that says, “Walby fits in here somewhere given his interest in Tremont. Who is the burnt man he goes so often to visit?” Tom confirms that Cecelia Walters and Clay Rampton were “close”, as in having an affair. Tom mutters a reference to the burning man out in some glittering lake place. Weigand remembers there is a Shimmering Lakes Home for the Infirm North of Chicago. Tom also mentions that Rampton was going to meet a man named McQuaid at the Caribbean Queen the night of August 21st.

Grace hears a knock at the door and gets out of bed to go and answer it.

Julius heads home after Rampton’s apartment and Weigand meets with the unknown writer of the note after having made arrangements with his police chief who forbids Weigand from dying. At Gess’s apartment there is a large amount of communist propaganda (poorly bound books, pamphlets, flyers, etc.). Upon the wall is a man’s portrait, the name on the frame is Joseph Dejacque. Photographs of the Queen and people associated with it, including Vera Channing, are plastered up all over the wall. There is a picture of a beach house there. A man across the street flashes his flashlight into the window and signals for Weigand to come over. Arriving, the man had found a way across to the roof the next building over. He tells him (amidst frequent denigrations of capitalism and the American way of life) that Vera has a tattoo chain on her thigh and that she spoke sadly about her husband not being able to go to a party at their beach house once.

Wednesday, September 14th, 1921

Julius awakens to the sound of the phone ringing in his living room. Entering his living room he is shaken to see his father sitting there, stroking Charles calmly. In a very curt, aggressive manner, John Coffin tells Julius that he is not to see Grace Perry any more. He is not to seek any more information about her. He tells Julius that he is aware of his lack of attendance and that John Linderman, the family lawyer, told him that he had been taken to the police department and released but that he had been with Grace Perry. After a brief and heroic attempt to defend Grace’s honor, John Coffin leaves. Julius calls back Inspector Weigand and asks him to check in on Grace. They agree to meet for lunch afterward. Weigand goes to Grace’s apartment and finds moving men emptying out the apartment. The lease in in John Linderman’s name. Grace apparently had a psychotic breakdown and was committed by Dr. Eugene Weiss. Calls to Linderman were unhelpful.

Not knowing exactly where Grace is located, Julius and Weigand set out to follow up on the address to the Blackstone Hotel where the Walters’ were hiding after they abandoned their previous apartment after Ricky Vanderhorn (the man with the white scarf) shot at them. Entering the room there is a strange hum. Weigand investigates and it appears to be coming from the center of the room. The room itself looks neat and tidy, as if people were just arriving or ready to leave. The hum crescendos and Weigand and Julius see a vision of ghostly figures who apparently are Albert and Cecelia Walters:

Albert: “I just don’t understand, Cecelia, please just talk to me.”
Cecelia: “Oh Albert, I do pity you. The whole reason I married you was so I wouldn’t have to talk to you. And children. Although you have failed at that too, haven’t you?”
Albert: “But there was a man in our apartment who was shooting at us! I think I need to put my foot down about this and…”
Cecelia: “Oh Albert, you are cute when you are mad. I may be out all night. Don’t wait up. And please don’t call anyone as we are in hiding, remember?”

He rises to stop her but halts. She sets something down behind the credenza under the window and then walks through Weigand as she exits the room. Albert, sitting on the bed, suddenly and violently begins pummeling the pillow next to him. Something begins glowing on the credenza by the window and Albert stands up and moves toward it. It is a glowing white statue of a bird and Walter asks if there is someone there. Suddenly he clenches every muscle in his body, his hands turning into talons. As Julius approaches him, Albert whirls around, his eyes shining bright white and a voice of infinite evil pours forth from his mouth, “I see you, shells through the veil of time you come seeking answers. One of us is lost to our sight and we will peel back the layers of your precious world until we find us. I am Tarim Naz’gut and I am here to pronounce your doom!”

They wake up, slightly stunned in the hotel room. They retrieve the journal of Cecelia Walters and leave quickly.

Speaking with Dr. Eugene Weiss, Weigand gets a transcript of all the drugs given to Grace. Dr. Jasinski says they are all sedatives and should not cause psychosis. Weiss says that Grace has been committed to Durning Mental Asylum in Durning. Traveling south, they go to visit her and meet Dr. Franklin, her doctor there. He gives updated medical notes to Weigand. Grace is in a drug-induced coma and, as Julius approaches her and mentions the purple flame (Dr. Franklin mentioned that she was talking about a purple flame), she starts screaming, “THEY ARE LEAVING US HERE TO DIE! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! WE’VE KILLED EVERYONE!” As they leave the room, Grace’s tortured scream repeats, “WE’VE KILLED EVERYONE! WE’VE KILLED EVERYONE!”



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