One Night on the Caribbean Queen

A Journal and The Burnt Man

Where the journal of a madwoman is read and a mute burn victim is questioned.

Mission Recap for last time

Wednesday September 14th,
Just after visiting Grace, Julius heads back to Chicago and begins going through Cecelia Walter’s Journal. He finds several entries that are interesting:

1) Cecelia mentions that her mother was likely taken over by a creature known as Ashari’Vok (likely a member of this so-called “Great Race of Yith”) and that when her mother came back from this experience she was never the same. She is concerned about Mr. Walker Hollingsworth
2) Her brother, Henry Taggart, was also taken by the same intelligence but disappears a few months later and is never heard from again.
3) She has stolen something called the Antenna. Ricky (you assume Ricky Vanderhorn) discovered this and confronted them in their apartment. A firefight ensued and Cecelia Walters and Albert Walters both fled, living at the Blackstone Hotel.
4) She knew Clay Rampton and apparently was having an affair with him. Cecelia also knew Neva, another person who died in the explosion aboard the Caribbean Queen.
5) On August 1st, 1921, Cecelia returned home and found Albert profoundly changed after the Antenna “awoke” and showed him great mysteries. She was jealous that he was chosen and she was not.
6) Cecelia mentions that Albert is different from the other members of her family who were “taken”. She mentions his behavior became very strange, including her mentioning Albert stopping by the Speakeasy and “re-trapping the columns”. He quoted something very strange, “The tendrils of our Great Masters are long indeed, penetrating through the corners of time and space that drive the brightest, fledgling minds of our world to madness. So many strings the Great Race of Yith perceive that it sometimes happens one Master puppeteer knows not what the other puppeteer is doing. So we shall be the end of all. It is Tarum Naz’gut’s desire made form.”
7) The final entry, from August 21st, shows an almost manic Cecelia babbling. Hoping that answers would be coming soon.

Weigand begins looking into property holdings that are held by Vera Channing and the Monaghan family. Grace is set to be lobotomized on September 17th.

Thursday September 15th,
Summerfield calls Weiss for an appointment to speak about Grace. Weigand talks to Roger, his brother who is a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic. He phones the Michigan Hall of Records for any additional property inquiries for the Channing Family. He feels that the clerk there blows him off. The police bring in Vanderhorn for questioning in the shooting that occurred at the Walters’ apartment.

Friday, September 16th,
Summerfield is shooed from Weiss’s office. Everyone goes to visit Lukas Neudorf out at Shimmering Lakes Home for the Infirm. Neudorf is severely burnt and cannot speak, but raps once for no, twice for yes. Neudorf says that he did not know Jefferson Walby was going to die, and Walby didn’t know either. He says he is unaware of any connection between the Lassiter expedition and the Ignotus. He says that the Kingdom Cove Country Club is the headquarters of the Adherents. He says that the Ignotus know how to burn a man without burning the clothes. They use it as a form of execution. He taps out, “Bring the Blackbird”, and says that Julius burned him. He tells you that the Blackbird is the antenna spoken of in Cecelia Walter’s journal.



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