One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Stranded in Tremont

Where the investigators set out to retrieve a dark tome from the mansion of Kurtis Freeman.

Visitor Mission Recap for 12/13/12

Friday, September 16th, 1921

Having an afternoon free prior to heading out to Tremont to retrieve the Codex of Assad Agassi, Julius contacts the lawyer he had placed on retainer in an effort to get Grace transferred to a nicer mental institution. Christopher Dunn, the lawyers in question, replies that there will likely be nothing he can do until after her “procedure” (the lobotomy). Summerfield spends the afternoon in dark places reading even darker text taking a break to put in a phone call to Eva Jackson a librarian and one-time assistant to Professor Armstrong translating and validating Latin texts. Eva agrees to journey with the investigators to Tremont to validate the text. The Codex of Assad Agassi is only written in Latin and there are a large number of forgeries (so many, in fact, that it is widely thought to not truly exist). Weigand spends the day with his wife and daughter, tying up some things at work.

Saturday, September 17th, 1921
Starting out slightly late at 10am, the investigators drive to Tremont. Heading straight to the mansion Weigand begins cutting into the safe (it is slow going). Julius explores the rest of the house finding many rooms with interesting (and some disconcerting) items. He finds a foul-smellng talisman in one room filled with maggots. He finds a room with literally thousands of suspended glass orbs that tinkle maddeningly as the breeze wafts through them. Eva is most affected by the noise. While exploring the house at approximately 1:45pm both Julius and Summerfield both have a piercing, stabbing pain into their heads. Julius finds a mechanic’s pit in the garage that has a secret passage that leads down into a small office room. It also has a tunnel that heads approximately Northeast from the house. Following it down a ways, it begins to get extremely hot but just before turning back he finds odd pictographs that Summerfield recognizes from the Cultes Des Goules. He things they are a degenerate form of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Finally cutting through the safe, Weigand reaches in to retrieve the book and feels a click as he lifts and a bit of tension as if the book is held down by something. Removing the rest of the paneling under the safe Weigand finds a wire that goes down through the floor. Finally, after much debate, they cut the wire and remove the book. Eva, looking at the book, realizes that she will likely need her library at home. Outside it has begun raining and a n eerie mist has arisen near the ground where the heat of the underground fire causes the water to evaporate. A sound of rending metal draws Julius and Weigand outside. Julius, examining the car, sees that the rear axle has been severely damaged, as if something ripped through it. Hearing a noise behind him he turns and feels a prick on his right ankle. Both Julius and Weigand see a small trail of flame. They follow it and find that it dives into a hole approximately the size of a man’s head. Julius shines his light down the hole and sees something terrifying, something that looked like an eyeless worm with a great, slavering maw. In a panic, Julius pulls out his .45 automatic and fires the entire magazine into the hole. Weigand, calmly examining the scene afterward, shoots his shotgun down the hole as well just to be sure.

Not wanting to spend the night in the slightly disconcerting town of Tremont, the group splits up with Julius and Weigand heading to the Diner in town in the hopes of finding a way to communicate with the outside world. They find the town apparently empty. The diner is also closed with no one there. Feeling that they need to get ahold of someone the two men break into the diner and use the phone to call the inspector (Inspector Michael Higgons) at La Pont, Indiana who happily dispatches a police unit to pick up our stranded investigators. Weigand also calls his chief back in Chicago telling him he is likely not back until Monday. The two head back to the Freeman Mansion and find that Eva and Summerfield have found someone else in the house…

While Julius and Weigand are out at the diner, Eva and Summerfield spot a very attractive (and very disheveled) woman who looks exactly like Natalie Vasilyeva, the attractive secretary to Kurtis Freeman back in 1864 (this would make her approximately 90 years old, which she is obviously not). The woman has oddly childish behavior, and says that her real name is Marla, and that her father was Martin. She tells Eva some history of her town, and that there was a French man who “saved the town”, but refuses to tell her the name until they play hide and seek with her. She runs down and hides in the garage. Disconcerted, Eva and Summerfield wait until the others come back to “find” Marla. Tracking her down in the mechanic’s pit in the garage, Marla tells them the man’s name was Lareau. Talking to her about the book and the wire, Marla tells them the wire is there to prevent people from stealing the book. When they ask her what happens to people who steal the book she replies that they are punished.

Since the swelling on Julius’ right ankle is getting worse, Summerfield decides to lance the leg. A combination of serum and hemolyzed blood stain the material slightly brown. They bind Julius’ leg and settle in until they can be rescued. Meanwhile, the sun begins setting on Tremont, leaving our investigators in darkness.



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