One Night on the Caribbean Queen

The Coffin Affair

Where Nurse Johnson finds odd happenings and everyone gathers at the Coffin Estate

Tuesday, September 20th, 1921
Rose Johnson, a nurse working at the Hollingsworth Foundation for Underprivileged Children, goes to work and a most unfortunate event occurs. One of the children had found a way up to the roof and, despite her best efforts, leaps off the roof. Before he goes he mentions something about the purple flame being very loud. From the ministrations of Nurse Johnson the boy survives and is taken to the hospital. Seeing her spring into action, Dr. Weiss makes an offer to her and her friend Elsa to do some nursing work at the Wiedman Estate taking care of Lionel Wiedman.

Wednesday, September 21st, 1921
Rose and Elsa begin their normal work day at the Foundation and then head over to the Wiedman estate to take care of Lionel, the comatose patriarch of the family. They find that he is not comatose but merely non-responsive as his eyes dart around rapidly. Another nurse in the household (neither Rose or Elsa knew there were additional nurses in the house) comes screaming up the hallway and is quickly quieted and ushered into a room. “It’s not worth it!” she is heard to scream. She is quickly sedated.

Friday, September 23rd, 1921
Inspector Weigand gets two pieces of information as he is discharged from the hospital on the mend. The first is a property holding by the Channing family (Vera and Dominic, that is) in Michigan. It is a beach house. The second piece of information is slipped to Weigand by a fellow cop. They just picked up on a filing error that identifies the man who shot Officer Debbins on the Caribbean Queen was actually picked up a few weeks before prowling around outside the Monaghan house. He was fingerprinted, held overnight and released the next day but the fingerprints had never been entered into the computer. The man’s given name was Gavin Floyd. Heading immediately to the apartment without waiting for Inspector Beauleau, Weigand finds an almost empty Hotel room but for a suitcase. Inside the suitcase is (aside from clothes) is a train ticket originating in Orlando, Florida. There is also a pamphlet calling attention to a particular grave (6 rows down, 3rd grave in) at a graveyard in Orlando, Laurel Hill Graveyard.

Martha Hopwood heads back to her and her aunt’s apartment and begins cleaning up after calling her father who she suspects is behind everything that has happened with her book and with Graham. As per usual he makes her feel like a little child. He does mention that her mother and him had a similar situation to her and Vernon Gabrieux, an arranged marriage. She asks her aunt about it and she mentions that her sister married Martha’s father for something other than love and that she had become much more distant after marrying him. Martha heads over to Graham’s apartment and doesn’t find him there and there is no sign of struggle. He does have an open-ended train ticket to Arkham.

Saturday, September 24th, 1921
Professor Summerfield decides that it would be good to make a foray into the world and leave his dark texts behind so he accompanies Julius to the Coffin party. He recommends that they bring the Inspector also. Martha arrives relatively early hoping to pick the time and place of her meeting with Vernon Gabrieux. Rose also arrives early to welcome guests and begin introducing herself to them. Richard Monteith is feeling ill and does not attend. Julius greets guests at the door with his mother and father.

What follows is a list of things that happened in no particular order (I should have taken better notes!)

Martha speaks with Vernon Gabrieux and he makes several veiled threats about choosing between knowledge and the love she has for Graham. A young man (she later finds out it was Robert Wiedman) walks up to him and stabs him. He is remarkably unimpaired. The wound seems to move as Martha looks at it. He hands her a business card and she spots a chain tattoo on his wrist marking him as a member of the Ignotus Mantellum.

Professor Summerfield spots Dr. Weiss whom he has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get an appointment with the good doctor for about a week. Refusing to let him be the exchange between the two gets to be a little overbearing at which point Dr. Weiss whispers something in the Professor’s ear causing him to have a fit of some kind. Tending to the fallen man, Rose Johnson hears him call out for “No more Purple Flame.” When he comes to he does not recall the exchange at all. Later in the evening he bumps into Rose who mentions the purple flame to him and that a child at the Foundation mentioned it. The professor runs out into the night and heads to the hospital as fast as he can.

Julius gets pulled into his father’s office and gets some of his unlimited finances trimmed down to a mere $1000 per month. His father mentions to Julius that he “took care of” Grace. Dr. Weiss is heading in to talk with Julius’s father as he is exiting.

The party meets the man that Martha and Julius see in their respective visions. His name is Frederick Gessler, a man of Eastern European descent. He is apparently in town on business with Mr. Hollingsworth. He has a chunk of metal in his pocket which he incants over causing Julius and the Professor to get dizzy and begin seeing the dancing blue lights uncomfortably reminiscent of the Caribbean Queen.

Frederick Gessler appears to notice Julius and Professor Summerfield being affected by whatever he did and motions for Vanderhorn and Sahmil Nahas, the greeter from the Kingdom Cove Club. They follow Julius and the Professor into a bedroom where Julius ducks through a small door in the closet. Gessler, Vanderhorn and Nahas are all escorted back to Walker Hollingsworth. There Weigand picks up on the fact there is more to Hollingsworth than a cute old man.

Martha retrieves the chunk of metal that Gessler drops after Weigand bumps into him and kicks under a couch. She calls over Gabrieux who examines the chunk of metal as a dare to prove his power to Martha. He is struck by a sudden wash of power and runs for the nearest phone. Later, while Julius is talking with Rose out in front of the Coffin house, a car pulls up with what appear to be six armed men. They are here to take Julius away. Weigand keeps an eye on them while Julius and Rose (with Elsa in tow) head to the hospital where the child that jumped off the roof at the Hollingsworth Foundation was being kept. By the time they got there they found Summerfield and the boy were both gone. The boy was signed out of the hospital by Dr. Eugene Weiss. She then takes the metal chunk into the bathroom and dispels the magic and catches something in the mirror, something dark that is watching her but she can’t see what it was. She takes a piece of the broken mirror that could potentially give her a glimpse at what the thing in the mirror was.

Martha, spotting Weigand as a police officer, confides in him that she suspects Vernon Gabrieux has kidnapped her fiancee. She reports that her apartment was broken into and something was stolen. Gabrieux walks by her and brings in two of the armed men who came in a car. Escorted around by Weigand, they eventually give up and head out. As he leaves Vernon flips a cufflink that belongs to Graham to her. He reiterates that he is waiting to hear from her about a decision that she has to make. She can have understanding or love. Not both.



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