One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Trapped With the Codex!

Where our players find the Codex but are blockaded in the caves underneath the Channing Beach House

Carefully entering the Channing Beach house the players find the house disturbingly quiet. But for the bloody footprints on the floors and the marks of bloody palms upon the walls coming from the kitchen area the house seems vacant. Following the bloody footprints through the house a creaking from upstairs alerts them to a presence. Quietly ascending the stairs they find a room at the end of the hall with the door ajar. Upon the bed with disheveled hair sits Vera Channing. She looks drugged and indeed has a syringe with needle and an empty vial next to the bed indicating that she recently took something. She mentions that her husband is home and is downstairs. Out front headlights of several cars pull up to the front of the beach house. The players head through the house and into the kitchen. Preferring not to head out on the dock, they duck down into the basement. The blood trail leads obviously toward a bookshelf that swings open to reveal a dark passage down lit by caged lights. A key ring on the left wall as you descend allows access to the metal door at the bottom of the stairs. Spotted by the men entering the house the players lock the metal door behind them temporarily foiling the chase. They are in a work room that has been, for lack of a better way to say it, sprayed with blood. There is blood caked everywhere. In the center of the room is a utilitarian work bench upon which the unfortunate Graham Morgan was killed by Martha Hopwood. Heading even deeper down into the ground the players find rows of cells, all vacant. There is a larder here filled with restaurant-sized bags of food, tomato sauce, etc. Lard is spread over the floor here to cause a nasty surprise for the men chasing the party.

Martha begins exploring the place she finds herself in, a series of caves. She flashes back to having her father’s book and the Codex of Assad Agassi. She remembers Vernon Gabrieux approaching her with a black ring and just as he was going to put it on her finger she blacked out and awoke with her face pressed against a steel door. She wanders into the cave some, a disturbing voice comes from the darkness moaning, “Vera!”.

Fleeing through another door the party is in the caves. They close the door and lock it behind them. They begin wandering and eventually come upon Martha brandishing a knife and looking, for all intents and purposes, like a madwoman. They find they are hemmed in by pools of water (something brushes past Martha’s leg when walking through it). But they find the men chasing them force them to venture out into the gray, milky water heavy with silt and minerals.

Vernon extends his hand out to Martha and she decides to go with him. Weigand gets ready for a gunfight. A large tentacle pierces Vernon through the chest but it doesn’t seem to slow him down much. The men panic and open fire, wounding Vera Channing who had wandered down into the caves with the rest of the men. The foul creature that was once Dominic Channing howls in rage and begins killing the men at a rapid pace. Julius and Rose escape the fray, finding what appears to be an underground study.

Vernon leads Martha up to a jail cell and tells her she should stay there for her own protection. Weigand overhears their conversation as Vernon talks about “taking care of Graham”. Martha heads back down into the caves after Vernon retires upstairs to retrieve the book of her father’s that she stole and also the Codex of Assad Agassi. The rest of the players remain down in the caves listening to the disconcerting sounds of Dominic Channing cry as he consumes the corpse of his wife.



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