One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Visions in the dark and light

Where our investigators receive visions, one in a dark dream another in...Florida?

Mission recap for 10/3/13

Monday, September 20th, 1921
Martha awakens early for her breakfast with Danielle. She meets her at a high class restaurant. Danielle, who normally seems very well put together, looks haggard and frankly almost paranoid. Martha tells Danielle about Graham going missing and she is concerned that he is on the run. Martha tells her about Vernon Gabrieux, and how he is very powerful and has likely kidnapped Graham. Danielle seems very interested in Vernon and mentions that she may have to pay him a visit. Martha mentions she is staying at Graham’s place. Danielle mentions that she will likely continue the exploration of the Ortho into what they found last weekend but is evaisive about any additional meeting dates.

Rose heads to work as normal at the Foundation. A small, precocious boy approaches her and asks her to track down a friend of his, Harold Denton. Rose recalls that the boy one of the records found in Dr. Weiss’s office. The small boy, Will Barnett, mentions that he and Harold were friends and that they promised to write each other when they got families. Harold got adopted by a family, the Setcliffs, a few months ago and he would really like her to track him down for her to give his letter to him.

Weigand heads into the office and begins getting one of the police officers to sit with Richard Monteith and translate as much of the runes in the trucks found in Indiana as possible. Rose contacts Weigand with the hope that he can help track down Harold Denton and his adoptive family. He finds an address and heads out there. The Setcliffs apparently were renting at the time they adopted Harold and moved quickly thereafter.

Martha heads back to Graham’s for a change of clothes and begins searching his library. She calls Gretta Spangler who recalls the Gabrieux family from Europe. She says that a man named Pierre Lareau was Vernon Gabrieux’s father and she is looking into anything else that she can find. She is not very impressed with Danielle and has mentioned that she will not be heading back to any Ortho meetings anytime soon.

Julius continues to convalesce in the hospital. When his mother learns of his condition she immediately gets him released from the hospital and gets him home immediately to take better care of him. Julius luxuriates in the loving hands of his mother nursing his physical wounds and harboring an even worse one. His worry about his missing cat.

Weigand calls Dr. Weiss’s office but doesn’t get much help from the secretary initially, but she seems very helpful after he tells her that he is tracking down a small boy, Harold Denton, to give him a letter from his pen pal. She doesn’t have a whole lot of information about the Setcliffs. Martha meets up back at Weigand’s office and, upon talking about the Caribbean Queen, puts forth the possibility that there was some sort of dimensional rift that swallowed the boat and the people up. This would explain the lack of mass. Also, with the runes on the columns, two hypotheses are put forth. Either it was a change in plans or it was sabotage. Monteith looks up at Martha and touches her on her forehead. Martha collapses and awakens in a cabin with an old lady dangling from a noose thrown over the rafters. She appears to be laughing. Martha’s attempt to rescue the lady results in her flailing and hitting Martha in the nose. She does not appear to be interested in being saved. She sees a workbench in the corner of the cabin with all sorts of mechanical things on it. She steps out of the cabin into the muggy sunlight. There is a large amount of humidity here. It appears to be a small town with primitive buildings all around. People look at her strangely. A man approaches her and asks her if she needs any help. She asks him where this is and he replies, Apopka, Florida. Behind her a small girl opens the door to the cabin that Martha just came out of and starts screaming. Another man rushes up to her and calls the small girl by name. Neva. Another name of one of the victims on the Caribbean Queen.

Richard Monteith seems to be back but somewhat shaken from his fugue state. He mentions that he was in a strange room writing things down on paper placed in front of him. There was a large window nearby that he was certain contained horrible things and that if he looked out the window something bad would happen. He remembers very little else and just wants to go home.

Tuesday, September 21st, 1921

That night Rose has a disconcerting dream. She is standing outside the Wiedman estate at night. In front of her is a man bent over some kind of machine. He turns toward her, and asks her if she can hear them screaming? He seems quite mad. Rose is inside the Wiedman estate now and the old man, Lionel Wiedman, normally in a coma, is sitting on his bed. As Rose enters he asks her if he can stop now. She looks up at the pressed copper ceiling and sees fiery letters above written laboriously over the course of years. She awakens, shaken.

A broken Richard Monteith heads back to Chatterton. As he walks down the hallway he appears very reluctant to look out of any window.



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