One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Recap #4, 6/29/2012
Back to 1860

Monday June 4th, 1860
Waking up the day after arriving in Tremont (the year being 1860), Grace and Julius walk downstairs and talk with Ollie. He talks about the mayoral race and that it has everyone pretty fired up. Tremont is in hard times and people want things to change. Ollie talks about the first Mayor of Tremont, Robert Freeman (Kurtis’ father), and how after things started going well for the town that he basically dropped out of sight until, in 1865, he tried to blow up the coal mine.

Walking outside on their way to the Freeman house they meet a woman named Ruby Ferguson. She tells Grace and Julius that they shouldn’t trust Kurtis Freeman, and that she has other information for them but can’t give it to them here. She recommends that they come to her house on the following morning.

Arriving at the Freeman house, there is a strange old man sweeping off the path up from the road. Knocking on the door, a butler with a severe respiratory problem answers the door, wheezing between words heavily. He shows them to the study and they sit. Examining the books on the shelves, Julius finds a book entitled Culte de Goules and flips through the blasphemous tome that describes horrific rites involving the cadavers of the dead in manners unfit for polite society. Searching the papers upon the desk, they find a report on the work force at the mine over the last few years. In addition, a letter written from Robert Freeman to Kurtis Freeman is found. While initially starting out relatively lucidly, it devolves quickly into insane rambling. It mentions a man by the name of Lareau and an intense desire to shut the mine down.

Natalie Vasilyeva enters the room and tells the PC’s that they are out of luck and that Kurtis Freeman is out doing a mine inspection but will be attending a campaign rally later that afternoon. She relays the message from Kurtis Freeman that if they bring him the black bird he will tell them what it does. They explore the bathroom attached to the study and find a female brush with multiple colors of hair in it. They find a storage room with rotted, old clothing. They head out shortly after, a feeling of relief coming over them when they exit the Freeman house. Grace makes herself useful to Ollie and helps to clean up in an effort to defray the cost of room and board. At the rally, both candidates speak. Freeman seems to have a better handle on campaigning. He greets them and tells them he will meet with them the following day in the afternoon.

Julius makes a side trip to the mine where he is greeted by a darkness daunting and terrifying. A small child’s cry is heard distantly and Julius retreats rapidly.

Grace and Julius sleep soundly, though Julius dreams of the mine again with a woman’s voice this time repeating over and over again, “It will be okay, everything is going to be okay…”

Tuesday, June 5th, 1860
They arise early and head over to Ruby Ferguson’s house. Knocking, they don’t get an answer so the enter the house. A bucket containing a foul substance and a ring with the inscription, “To my Darling Ruby, Love Hank”. Upstairs, they find no body but the mattress is stained with a large quantity of the foul-smelling brown liquid. Grace and Julius suspect that Ruby has met an unfortunate end. But as they walk back to the Inn, Grace catches a momentary sight of a woman who appears to be Ruby with her yellow flowered hat. Trying unsuccessfully to cut them off before they get back to the Freeman mansion (assuming they were heading there), they wait for their appointment. When the time comes, they come back to the Freeman house and the wheezing butler shows them again to the study. Sitting down a man suddenly stands in the doorway of the study…

Recap #3, 6/1/2012

Mission recap for 6/1/12

September 4th, 1921 (Sun)
With the Hall of Records closed, Julius calls home, speaks momentarily with Remington, the family butler, who hands him off to his dad, John Taylor Coffin, for information about Walker Hollingsworth. He finds out that Mr. Hollingsworth made his fortune in the railroad business, going solo and developing his own steam engine.

September 5th, 1921 (Mon)
With a brief check in with Edward Danvers on the sigil found in the Waybright safe, Danvers hands them off to Professor Vernon Peterson, an expert in Asian languages also at Chicago University. Stumped, Peterson intends to look into the question. Julius ditches the last half of his day at school and has a look at the wreck of the Caribbean Queen. He finds, to his utter disgust, that pieces of the bodies seem to have fused with the floor (a cracking finger bone gives him the shivers). Attempts to penetrate the deck below where the bodies were found are fruitless as the water is cold, dark and unyielding. He drives to the Hall of Records where Julius and Grace check up on Ricky Vanderhorn, a troubled young man who finally decides to fly straight after around 1911. Calling it a day, Julius gets the articles from the Chatterton Observer and finds two articles of note. The first talks about the cabin fire and the police’s efforts to locate the “killers”. The next article talks about a reporter initially dispatched to cover the story disappearing. He goes to bed late.

September 6th, 1921 (Tues)
Grace writes a letter to her brother, John, telling him that she missed his last letter. Delivering the letter, Grace is picked up and taken to the police station along with Julius who phones his father who gets in touch with his family lawyer, John Linderman. Once at the police station, Grace and Julius are promptly let go with a veiled threat to leave the Monaghan family alone (there is some concocted story about Grace and Julius being belligerent). Inspector Jeffery Weigand, the inspector in charge of the Caribbean Queen case asks Julius if he was down on the docks yesterday, implying he knows more than he lets on. Some research at the Hall of Records shows a death certificate for Helen Hollingsworth in 1904. Her death certificate lists a very lengthy medical cause of death: “Brain prolapsed secondary to a bilateral ocular tumor invading the forebrain resulting in respiratory failure”.

September 7th, 1921 (Wed.)
Grace and Julius head to the Kingdom Cove Gentleman’s Club where they hope to find Walker Hollingsworth. They are met by an immaculately dressed Middle Eastern man named Shamil Nahas. He offers to show them both around, though because the Kingdom does not take women as members, there were some places that were off limits. Shamil Nahas takes Julius to the Tenet room and talks to him about the 6 Tenets:
1) Drive – A statue of a man throwing a javelin. A plaque reads, “To seek, to find, to overcome.”
2) Competition – A statue of two men wrestling, “To find the strength to pit oneself against another.”
3) Brotherhood – A statue of a man standing next to a sword driven into the ground, his right arm extended, a laurel dangles from his left hand, “Vision to seek company in its highest form.”
4) Ethics – A statue of a man holding a scale, on one side there is a dove, on the other is a stack of gold coins, “To weigh the truth in all matters.”
5) Grace – A statue of a man standing over another, his hand under the kneeling man’s chin. “To have Grace in victory and in defeat.”
6) Piety – A statue of a man praying, his eyes turned down, “To embrace the truth of God and all his wonder.”
While waiting in the hallway, Grace manages to meet Ricky Vanderhorn, the man with the white scarf who apparently intimidated Alan Waybright and also was seen leaving the scene of the shooting at the Walters’ apartment. He tells Grace that Walker Hollingsworth saved his life and now he works as a financial consultant for Hollingsworth. After some chit chat, he brings her out to the patio and introduces her to several well-dressed men sitting with Hollingsworth: 1) Robert Wiedman(there was a Neva Wiedman who died in the explosion), 2) Dr. Eugene Weiss, a prominent alienist, 3) Tony McGinnis, an importer. As Grace and Julius rise to leave, they are overtaken by darkness…

They are in the back of a truck with several other people, Deirdre, Ian Unger (a banker who is rather loud), another unconscious man and an unconscious woman, both whose names are unknown. The doors of the truck open and a man tells them all to run and is quickly killed by gunfire. The people break for the car and hop in, Deirdre being cut down on the run over. Driving maybe a half mile as a bullet has damaged the engine Mr. Unger, Grace, and Julius all start out on foot. Eventually they arrive at a town called Tremont, Indiana. They find (with the help of a farmer’s almanac faithfully retrieved by Art) they have traveled back in time to 1860. Ollie, the bartender, fills them in on some news. The town is in the midst of a mayoral campaign (the two candidates are Roger Meade and Kurtis Freeman) and has been plagued by tough times and unexplained disappearances at night. Kurtis Freeman walks in and fastens suddenly upon the PC’s. He is travelling with his assistant, Jefferson Walby (another name on the list of people who died in the Caribbean Queen explosion), who recently had a son. Mayoral candidate Kurtis Freeman has a veiled conversation with Grace and Julius and implies that he knows they are from another time. He tells them they should stop by his house and talk privately. One by one everyone retires to their beds and sleeps. Julius begins to question whether or not he is alive but manages to stave off the creeping insanity of such thoughts.

A Midnight Darkly
Where Grace meets Vera Channing and O'Bannon and the Walters' Apartment is visited.

August 31st, 1921 (Wed)
After seeing the dockworkers involved in handing off crates to Mr. Ricky Vanderhorn (who works for a fellow named ), Grace meets Perkins at the Pickled Parrot, a speakeasy where she finds that it was a French book that came from Africa that Vanderhorn was after.

September 1st, 1921 (Thurs)
Stefan at the Dandy Lion tries to set Grace up with a meeting with Terrence Monaghan, head of the Monaghan family. He is unable to do that, but does get her an interview with Wylie O’Bannon. Julius calls his mother to check in and she tells him there is a gala that the family is putting on in a few weeks. Julius and Grace check in with Professor Danvers who is out but has left a letter that gives information about the signet ring that O’Bannon is wearing called the Ignotus Mantellum, a cult from medieval Venice. Grace has an interview with O’Bannon and she recognizes Vera Channing from the Caribbean Queen‘s deck on that fateful night that the strange event happened. O’Bannon tells Grace that he is opening a club and asks her to strip. Grace refuses and is immediately shown out the door. Insisting that Julius gets an abdominal x-ray, a quick visit to Dr. Seeber reveals a normal abdomen. On to Lynch’s Antiquities, the elder chain smoking man informs Julius that the bird looks Egyptian but is a forgery, made maybe 10-20 years ago. On to Vincent Prieto’s Bookstore, where the cackling old man picks up on Julius’ lie about doing thesis on the Codex of Assad Agassi. He mentions its connection to the Ignotus Mantellum, as it has been adopted as their bible. As his final task of the day, Julius writes away to the Chatterton newspaper for copies of all newspapers from the last week, looking for any word on Tom Wilson’s death and the shooting of the Police Officer.

September 2nd, 1921 (Fri)

Bringing the supposedly worthless Black Bird home with him from the bank, Julius goes to sleep. He dreams of a disagreement between two people, Cecelia Walters and Albert Walters. Albert is confronting Cecilia about what she is into, and how all this could have resulted in a man coming into their home and shooting up the place. He then shifts to another area with a pressed copper vaulted ceiling, he is laying in bed and drawing complex mathematical symbols in the air. Julius calls Grace in the morning and tells her of his strange dreams, whereupon they begin looking into the Walters, visiting their apartment. They find two Italian workers patching the plaster on the walls from bullet holes in the Walter’s vacated apartment. Grace and Julius interview the neighbors on either side and the consensus is that Cecelia was a cold, distant lady and Albert was quiet but very friendly when approached. The neighbors were a little old lady named Elsie Canela, and a middle-aged mouse of a man named Lester Woodman. Neither of them saw the face of the attacker, although Lester mentioned that the man had a white scarf and something tucked under his arm. This shooting happened on July 28th. Investigating the possessions of the Walters (being held by the tight fisted landlord Daniel Bailey), they find a photograph with Ceceilia in it as a child. Julius and Grace investigate Albert’s workplace and talk to a “friend” of Albert’s, Kyle Wallace. He mentions that Albert was a good worker but towards the end began babbling and not getting much work done until he just didn’t show up at all and was fired in the first week of August. He spent time with a woman down in the filing room, Theresa Tams. She informs him that Albert brought her flowers a few days after he was fired. When she reminded him that he was married, he told her he was a widower, then corrected himself and said it hadn’t happened yet.

September 3rd, 1921 (Sat)
A quick check on Cecelia Walters’ parents indicates they are both dead. Wilma Taggart, Cecelia’s mother has a death certificate indicating that she committed suicide by hanging. Her father, Chester Taggart, was killed in an automobile accident. The witness signature on the death certificate showed the name, Walker Hollingsworth.

In the Beginning

Beginning Recap

Early Morning, August 28th, 1921
Grace Perry, Julius Coffin, and Smith awaken in a field, very cold. They find they are in a shallow pit next to which is a shovel and a wallet from a man named Alan Waybright. Footsteps lead off into the forest from an unknown 4th person. The field is a agricultural field and has been plowed into furrows. A scream comes from off in the woods. Julius, with a twisted ankle, Grace and Smith all head out into the forest away from the scream. There are loud noises like thunder that jump around the forest, accompanied by the sounds of breathing. They are found by a kind, older man by the name of Tom Wilson. Tom takes them back to his cabin and gets them warmed up by a fire and starts to make them some tea. Grace and Julius discover that they have been missing for nearly 7 days and have no memory of that time. Tom says they are just outside Marigold, Indiana. Changing clothes and cleaning up, everyone finds strange things. For the first, there is a star-shaped tattoo in the middle of all their backs. Grace’s hand is wrapped with dirty bandages, her hand having been pierced through by something. Julius has an incision across his abdomen and Smith has a bump on his head and is bleeding (and deaf) in his left ear. Heading back into the kitchen to check on the tea, the teakettle continues to whistle. Checking on Tom, Professor Smith finds him stiff and muscles twitching with blisters forming all over him. He seems to be dead where he stands. Another sound of slightly breaking glass and the stove ignites the wall above and the flames begin covering the walls and ceiling. Rushing out into the night, Grace, Julius and Smith all load into Tom’s pickup truck and drive off.

They decide to drive past Marigold to Chatterton, just to the North. There is a telegraph station and the train runs through there. After wiring off for some money and calling his family to let them know he is okay, Julius allows everyone to purchase some new clothes and they prepare to get a train back to Chicago. A Sheriff Sullivan begins questioning them on the platform while waiting for the train. The Sheriff seems intent on questioning them fully, but before he can do anything another man shoots the Sheriff and runs off into the woods with his family. Julius, Grace and Smith rapidly enter the train and head off toward Chicago.

On the train back to Chicago a very addled man (who introduces himself as Albert Walters) gives them a parcel and seems to babble almost incoherently. Another man enters the car and chases Walters off. Inside the parcel is a statuette of a Black Bird. The rest of the ride back to Chicago is mercifully normal.

August 29th, 1921
The group visits public records and finds the newspaper article that says the Caribbean Queen exploded killing all aboard. They begin researching the wallet they have found that belongs to Alan Waybright. Mary visits Grace and is overjoyed that she is alive. Smith invites himself over to Julius’ apartment (thankfully Charles the cat was taken well care of while Julius was away).

August 30th, 1921
Smith sees a light under the door and jumps up and throws the door to Julius’ bedroom open. Julius awakens standing in front of the black bird. The three visit the morgue but are turned away with the feeling that something strange is going on.

August 31st, 1921
Grace awakens in the early morning and heads out to her den. Turning around she is frightened by a vision of bodies floating in the air, which then suddenly fly violently toward the center of the room as the blue, underwater light flickers around her. A deep, booming voice speaks in an unearthly tongue, “Amna Suktai”. She awakens as if it was a dream. She calls Julius and Smith and they all convene at Grace’s apartment to decide their next move.

I believe this day Grace, Julius, and Smith also visit the widow of Alan Waybright. She is exhausted in her despair. She mentions that Alan had just started up his own business and was much happier for it. Her son stops them outside after they leave and tells them of a visit from an older man and a younger man dressed in a white scarf who came to speak with his dad. His dad was very upset from the visit but never spoke about it again.

They visit Holden Construction and speak with a chipper Englishman, Nigel Dickens who speaks very highly of Alan Waybright. He gives the three a letter that Waybright wrote complaining about the business practices of Calverston Construction where he worked on the renovation of the Caribbean Queen before starting up his own business. He also gives them a sheet of paper with a strange sigil on it that Waybright found on the back of one of the large, decorative columns found on board the Queen.

Grace, Julius and Smith bring the sigil to Edward Danvers at Chicago University, a professor of symbology. The sigil he thinks looks like an Asian character but is far more interested in the symbol that they draw for him. This symbol came off the ring of Wylie O’Bannon as he punched a drunken man that evening on the Caribbean Queen. It is a triangle with a wavy line drawn through it.

Julius then travels to Calverston Construction and is horrified by the abrasiveness of Mr. Lyle Calverston, and unfortunately does not get much information out of him. He overhears a conversation mentioning a boat named Abigail’s Wish that is coming in that evening. They check with the Port Authority and find it is coming in later that evening. Sneaking back into the warehouse, they find two dockworkers and a man with a white scarf going through some boxes of African artifacts. The white scarf man sifts through and finds a book that he seems very interested in and says that “Mr. Hollingsworth will be very pleased.”

Grace meets up with the dockworkers later that evening and tries to pry the name of the book out of the dockworkers but they are not very helpful. She does find out that the man in the white scarf’s name is Ricky Vanderhorn.


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