One Night on the Caribbean Queen

The Quiet Days After

Where Our Investigators Reel In the Aftermath of the Coffin Affair

Saturday, September 24th, 1921
Weigand is followed home from the party by some thugs from the party. Turning to confront them they drive off and amble around town. Soon after, they drive up Weigand’s street, slowing down a bit just in front of Weigand’s apartment before driving off. Weigand wisely assumes this is a threat and quickly gets his family out of town the next morning.

Rose and Julius are at the hospital after hearing the Professor and the small child from the Foundation are both already gone. They drop off Elsa and decide to try and call on Dr. Weiss at his office to check on the condition of the boy, Ronald Parsley. Finding him not in Julius “accidentally” breaks a window while rapping upon it and enters the building. Rose, terrified, waits outside but brings him a torch. Finding a locked file cabinet Julius wrenches it open and finds medical records of approximately 37 children from the foundation. While there is nothing obviously wrong with the children there is a strange symbol (similar to the ones stamped into the beams on the Caribbean Queen) stamped at the end of the records on each of the children. There are only three different symbols present on the records, one of them vastly more common than the others.

Julius calls Weigand and obtusely tries to get him to throw an investigation into the break in at Weiss’s office but really just all but tells Weigand that he broke in.

Sunday September 25th, 1921
Martha meets Vernon Gabrieux for brunch. Prior to leaving the house she hides the metal shard and the piece of mirror from the guest bathroom at the Coffin estate. She hides it in a different place from where her book is. Meeting with Vernon, he says simply that if she wants Graham free that is all she has to say but that she will never have true knowledge about what happened with her mother. She tells him that she wants Graham back and he leaves abruptly saying she is of no further use to him. She heads back to Graham’s apartment to wait for him. She waits and drinks while she waits.

Rose, perusing through the medical records finds the phrase, “Patient may benefit from further testing” in each of them. Her and Julius meet up to take the records to Weigand. After a very painful and lengthy conversation with his mother, Julius gets Martha Hopwood’s name from his mother who further identifies her as “that gypsy artist”. Julius, Weigand and Rose all head over to Graham’s apartment where they find Martha fairly soused.



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