One Night on the Caribbean Queen

Descent into the Earth

There is a small discussion as to how Professor Summerfield managed to transport them to Honduras on December 26th, 1920, almost 9 months prior to arriving. The skies are overcast and a rain is beginning to drizzle. As Rose and Martha manage to compose themselves (one with praying and one with shrieks) a cluster of villagers pass by on, almost in a stupor, heading toward the Lassiter dig site. One of the villagers is a man who looks to have been severely cut upon. He is being led by a small boy, perhaps 12 years old, also who has been cut badly. He looks at the two women on the road and smiles saying in Spanish, “The end is becoming the beginning.”

Dr. Summerfield revisits the incidents that transpired at the dig site from his Journal:

  • November 12th, 1920 – The Expedition leaves a port in New York, heading approximately 1880 miles south by steam on The Royal Castor to Honduras.
  • November 17th, 1920 – The Expedition arrives in La Ceiba, Honduras, heading south by Auto.
  • November 19th, 1920 – The Expedition arrives at the initial dig site, labeled dig site L-1.
  • November 22nd , 1920 – The initial digging begins. Dr. Jonathon Lassiter has narrowed the digging down to a relatively narrow area. Digging begins in three areas, labeled L-1a, L-1b, L-1c.
  • November 28th, 1920 – The first find is made to the pleasure of everyone! A crypt of sorts with skeleton bones shining with calcite deposits. There are a LOT of bones, but they appear to be from the Mayan civilization.
  • Friday, December 3rd, 1920 – The first of the strange metalwork doors are found in dig site L1-b. It is strange because, though there are Mayan hieroglyphics upon the door the crafting of the door seems very out of place for the Mayans and their distinct lack of metal elsewhere. Due to the nature of materials involved and the inappropriate tools brought by the expedition, a welder is sent for. The doors are carefully catalogued with rubbings and photographs, light permitting. In the interim digging continues laterally and finds another burial chamber also filled with bones.
  • Monday, December 6th, 1920 – A British welder, Simon Kressley, is brought in from Puerto Cortes and begins puncturing through the first of the metal doors. A large, deep cavern is found.
  • Wednesday, December 8th, 1920 – The cavern is fully explored and catalogued. Though dim, there is a small hole in the rock above letting light in. At the bottom of the cavern another dig site is started, designated L-2. Lassiter diverts all attention there, abandoning all other dig sites.
  • Saturday, December 11th, 1920 – The top of what appears to be some form of massive obelisk is found at dig site L-2. People are ecstatic.
  • Tuesday, December 14th, 1920 – The first disappearance occurs. Bradley Carr, assistant to Simon Kressley, vanishes without a trace. While a search party is organized, most of the expedition’s attention lies squarely on the find at L-2.
  • Wednesday, December 15th, 1920 – The first entryway into the structure is found and a hasty expedition is organized. The expedition includes:
  • Dr. Jonathon Lassiter
  • Dr. David Thornton
  • Dr. Javier Villaroel Miguez
  • Jehiel Lugo, Honduran representative from a nearby village.
  • Theresa Jones, archeologist and cataloguer.
  • Friday, December 17th, having had no sight of the expedition in over 48 hours another expedition is sent down, presumably to rescue them. This expedition includes:
  • Simon Kressley, a welder
  • David Easterling, a spelunker
  • Christopher Garay, a rock climber
  • Four Honduran workers whose names are unknown.
  • Sunday, December 19th, two of the Honduran workers returns to the surface and say that Mr. Kressley requires the use of his cutting torch and they are to retrieve it. A brief note scribbled by Kressley mentions that they haven’t found the initial party yet but that they may have tipped closed a large, metal hatch similar to the door that led into the cavern but set into the ground.
  • Monday, December 20th, Jehiel Lugo shows up unexpectedly. He claims that he was separated from the rest of his party and wandered back to the dig site. He looks in remarkably good health for a man wandering for 4 days. A written message from Kressley indicates they are making good progress but that the Honduran workers have abandoned them. Bad dreams begin to intrude upon the sleep of the expedition’s personnel.
  • Tuesday, December 21st, Nocodemo Sepulveda-Baca arrives to get an update on the dig site for the Honduran government.
  • Wednesday, December 22nd, the last message from Kressley arrives stating that they have made the discovery of a lifetime! Some sort of temple with an altar to strange gods and what appeared to be a library of some sort though the books appear to be made of metal. They mention that they have found Dr. David Thornton, though he seems in poor health.
  • Thursday, December 23rd, digging up at the L-2 site has revealed another chamber with another metal door that has signs of being recently opened. A third expedition is sent down and led by Professor Summerfield Kent, eager to see the discovery. The 3rd expedition includes:
  • Professor Summerfield
  • Elliott Brock, The Organizer of the expedition. He goes well armed.
  • Alfred Connelly, an archeologist
  • They try to get some of the Hondurans to go but all refuse to enter.

The group heads up to the dig site and finds a large number of the villagers (all of them?) milling about the camp. The group splits up with Rose and Martha attending to the comatose Dr. Miguez. Dr. Miguesz awakens briefly when Martha enters the medical tent and speaks in Spanish about the “Yaumwe” and that the eye must be closed (“El ojo debe estar cerrada!”). Though they don’t speak Spanish they have the phrase translated by Professor Summerfield.

Meanwhile, Professor Summerfield and Julius Coffin make their way over to speak with Dr. Burnham. She appears to be disconcertingly focused on cataloging the artifacts that were taken from the dig site at L-2. Some of the artifacts bear the strange runes similar to the ones written upon the columns at the Caribbean Queen and also within the Lassiter Codex. These symbols are intermingled with Mayan symbols as well. Dr. Burnham appears to have snapped, somewhat. She is obsessively cataloguing artifacts retrieved from around the dig site at L-2.

Jehiel Lugo, a man who accompanied the first expedition offers to come with and the party hesitantly agrees. The party gathers some climbing equipment out of one of the tents and they moved down into the cavern discovered at L1b and past the large metal door set upon the wall next to where it stood closed for untold eons. A short path leads down to the larger cavern where the Obelisk perforates upward from the bottom the floor of the cavern several hundred feet below. A rudimentary crane has been installed here to allow for people and objects to be lifted up and taken down safely. On the floor of the cavern they see the obelisk, almost a hundred feet long on a side, is covered in the strange script seen on the Caribbean Queen. They descend down a long, winding stone incline that opens up into a large room with a hexagram inscribed on the floor (it looks like random gutters until you are above it is so large). There is a strip of brightly colored cloth that marks one of the six exits from the room. The tunnel beyond the marked exit ends in a cave in. The party takes another route through a series of caves.

The party finds a cavern where a body has been flung up about 70 feet and impaled on an outcropping of rock. A panicked Dr. David Thornton runs into the cavern and seems relieved that Professor Summerfield is alive (“I’m sorry I left you behind, Professor! I’m so sorry!”). The party notices at this point that Jehiel Lugo is missing.

The caves continue onward and they reach the entryway to a great underground structure. At the entrance, six pillars greet the players. Julius remembers there were six statues at the Kingdom Cove Country Club and also six columns on the Caribbean Queen. They pass several doors and decide to try to open one to what looks like a writing room. There are thin sheets of metal with what looks like writing implements. They notice that, as opposed to the caves, there is no dust of any kind here. They make their way deeper into the Temple and make their way down to the ground floor. Through a window in the wall Julius can see a prone body next to a large machine upon a raised platform in the middle of a gigantic room. A strange hue of light shines in from somewhere the investigators cannot see. Julius calls to the man and a strange wind begins to pick up.

Reaching the floor of the great room they cross the humming, still liquid to the platform. The man is recognized as Jonathon Lassiter himself. His eyes have been scoured from his face as if with something terribly abrasive but he yet still lives. He tells the investigators that they must complete three things to use the Yaumweh (the large machine) to close the Eye of Yith. Looking up they see an alien sky with two suns hanging in the sky.



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