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August 21st, 1921

All with various reasons, they were at the Caribbean Queen. A floating speakeasy that catered to the wealthy who wanted a place away where they could imbibe freely. An explosion rocked the boat and killed many people. Our intrepid investigators were in the boat when it exploded. In a flash of blue light they woke up in a field outside a small town by the name of Marigold, Indiana a week after the explosion occurred.

They have been embroiled in finding out what happened that fateful night aboard the Caribbean Queen and in the week that is missing from their minds. They awoke to find various wounds on their person but the one constant among them is that each of them has a star shaped burn in the middle of their backs.

Their investigation will take them through time and into the very depths of madness.


Caribbean Queen
Calverston Construction
Freeman Mansion
Kingdom Cove Country Club
Marigold, Indiana
Tremont, Indiana
Tremont Coal Mine


Black Bird
Cecelia Walters’ Journal
Codex of Assad Agassi
Cultes des Goules
Lassiter Codex
Peaslee Manuscript
Rampton Papers


Ignotus Mantellum
Ordo Templi Orientis
The Great Race of Yith

Newspaper Articles

Communists Blamed for Speakeasy Explosion
Gold Found In Tremont
Gold Mine Explosion
Peaslee Article
The Queen Vanishes!
Reporter Missing
Tom Wilson’s Cabin Burns
Tremont Funds Dry Up

Mission Recaps

Visions in the dark and light
All Together and Julius Attacked
The Quiet Days After
The Coffin Affair
Meeting an Old Friend
The Party Gathers
Prisoners in Darkness
Out of the Frying Pan
Paths Divergent Converge
Weigand’s Introduction
Recap 9
Recap 8
Recap 7
Recap 6
Recap 5
Recap 4
Recap 3
Recap 2
The First Recap

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